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Many viewers reporting freezing issues

Melissa Dagenhart Jan 25, 2019 08:38PM EST

Is there an issue with Concert Window right now? 7:30on central,January 25, 2019. Roughly 8 of 20 viewers reported freezing even after refreshing while watching Andrew Calhoun. It's bumming every one out.

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Gregory Keith Jan 25, 2019 10:20PM EST
5 other people noted long freezes 8:48 to 9:16 EST on the Joan and Joni concert. Response to reboot 'Cannot load M3U8: Crossdomain access denied. I'm using a Lenovo ideapad330 with Windows 10---not ancient!
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Melissa Dagenhart Jan 26, 2019 02:39AM EST
I also checked the comments on another concert I knew of tonight (Friday, 1/25/2019), Caffe Lena, read through the comments and see many, many streaming, feed crashing issues. I don't know who else had concerts tonight that I could check on. It would be fantastic if CW cared and addressed this. Not everyone wants a refund because they want to support the artists, but CW really, really blew it and let the fans and the artists down tonight.
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Concert Window Support Jan 26, 2019 12:23PM EST Concert Window Agent

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for being in touch and I’m sorry you experienced issues. Were were alerted to the problems during Andrew’s show and everything on our end was working as expected. When we checked things out, everything was working fine and his broadcast, as well as others on CW, were all broadcasting perfectly. Please accept our apologies for the trouble.

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Melissa Dagenhart Jan 26, 2019 03:27PM EST
TO Concert Window Support/Concert Window Agent:

I appreciate the response, however, it does not go deep enough. The streaming also worked for me for perhaps up to 10 minutes at a time before having issues, others were able to get on for a while, several minutes, and then not be able to get on for several more minutes. These were people in various states on various devices and browsers and etc. Also, another viewer stated that he was having issues watching other channels/broadcasters too, which seems to indicate a CW issue. If you read the post-show comments and the chat boards of what is viewable right now (2:11pm CST) on Andrew Calhoun's channel, Caffe Lena broadcasting John Gorka, and Folk Project Broadcasting Joan & Joni--all from last night--it is evident that there were issues sitewide.

The apology is appreciated and I know that you offer to refund viewers, but that's not so great for your artists who deserve to be paid. Also, you are not offering any troubleshooting help to your broadcasters or your fans, and this is puzzling to me. You basically say to "refresh" and make sure flash is enabled and up to date. And then you seem throw you hands up and dole out refunds (which is great for the fan, but lousy for the artist). Plus people are disappointed as they wanted to tune in.

Caffe Lena commented during their broadcast last night that your whole site went down a few weeks ago.

I don't know how to search for every concert that happened last night to read through the comments, but I'm betting Concert Window can do that right?

Maybe you were down for a while and then were back up and running finally?

If it's NOT on your end, then what do broadcasters and fans need to do to ensure they can get the show? If it is on your end, then what's up?

A couple of people commenting about not getting the feed is one thing, but it was about all anyone could say.

Your platform is a great idea in theory--but if it doesn't work, then it doesn't work.

How can I as a fan help you be a better Concert Window?
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Ellen Swaim Jan 27, 2019 10:50AM EST
I don't think it was from Andrew's end. Nobody's ever had trouble like that with these shows before. Sometimes we have to refresh, but not three times each verse. And yes, you could've jumped in when it was working, but the rest of us were trying to watch the whole show. It was really frustrating not to be able to contact a help tech, which we used to be able to do. And the suggestion of a refund wasn't helpful if what we wanted was tech support. Thanks for your attention to this.
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Concert Window Support Jan 30, 2019 10:47AM EST Concert Window Agent

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for the feedback. We’re looking into what might have caused this. Thanks for your patience.

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