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Need help understanding how to sound check from IOS app??

K.C. Clifford Sep 02, 2015 12:13AM EDT

Hey there! I need help understanding how to sound check from IOS app?? I downloaded the app on iPad, and have the video feed coming into the ipad. There doesn't seem to be a way to test the broadcast via the ipad, only broadcast live? On my laptop, when I click IOS and try to test it just keps spinning saying "Preview your stream here" and no picture comes up. Help!

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Concert Window Support Sep 03, 2015 04:07PM EDT Concert Window Agent


We are in the process of adding a Sound Check feature from the iOS app, and it will be available in the next update. For now, you can try out the app by doing an impromptu live broadcast.

Concert Window Support

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Rob McCausland Jan 08, 2016 12:23PM EST
I have this and related questions about the iOS app - most importantly about bringing in external audio. I tried the app yesterday on my iPad (3), but couldn't find any test mode - so I'm guessing that update is still in the works? I actually did do what you suggested - an impromptu live broadcast - simply because there seemed to be no other controls or settings that worked. Unfortunately, now when I log in, I only see a report of that past, 20 second show. Under settings, I can *schedule* a show, but there's now no way I see to start an immediate broadcast.

Before, when I had the live view screen, I believe there were 4 icons on the left - front/back camera swap at the bottom, one I couldn't understand right above that (it closed the program when I clicked it), some sort of "eye" above that that did nothing when I clicked it, and an X at the top, which also closed the program. Also, the picture did not zoom in or out upon pinching. (I'm using an old version of the iOS - 7.1.1, I believe. Might that explain these issues?)

I typically use the app FiLMiC Pro for production because it allows me to 1) bring in sound from a USB mixer, 2) separately set focus and exposure reticules, and 3) zoom in/out manually or via presets. From what I've seen of your app, it's an acquisition app bundled with a streaming app, and would not allow my acquiring with FiLMiC Pro and passing that off to your app for streaming. Fair enough. You wouldn't happen to be working with apps like FiLMiC Pro to integrate their functionality, would you? Or perhaps be building some of that functionality into yours?

I could live without most of that functionality if I had to, but I (and I believe many Concert Window broadcasters) would absolutely need the ability to bring in external audio. Since you recommend doing just that for your webcam configuration, I assume you also understand the need to do that for the iOS app, as well. Can we do that now with your app? If so, how? Just plug in, or are there and setting switches that need to be thrown? Thanks! I'm looking forward to broadcasting quite a few shows later this year.
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Concert Window Support Jan 09, 2016 04:21PM EST Concert Window Agent

hi Rob, if you plug in an external audio source, our app should pick it up automatically.
Sorry, there’s no integration with Filmic Pro.

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Daniel Senie Apr 02, 2016 03:12PM EDT
Can you tell us if sound check capability has been added to the app, and if so in what version? I can't find a control, and we don't want to just start broadcasting to find out. At this point I cannot use the iPad or iPhone as our stream source, since we cannot figure out how to do a sound check with the app.

We are using a USB-attached microphone, but cannot determine at this point if it's being used as we can't see a way to test before going live with a broadcast... help?
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Concert Window Support Apr 02, 2016 09:56PM EDT Concert Window Agent

hi Daniel, sorry, there’s still no way to soundcheck on the app. One thing you can do is create a secret show for “now” on the web, and then start broadcasting on the app – it should go up to that show. You can monitor on the web.
But yeah, it would be helpful to have a soundcheck on the app. Hoping to get that in at some point soon but not sure of timeline.

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